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Other similar software bundle their product with usless tools like rank checkers, onpage analysis (all that can be done FREE using other tools) jus to increase their price up to $97 or more...

We've build this software to be an extremely low-cost solution to the specific problem of finding and doing link exchanges (with added options ot get free one way links)

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Mehmet Onatli
"50 Submits Per Day In Just Half Hour"

I have been reading through your articles and they have helped me a lot, especially those about SEO. I have watched your spyware site, man it is ranking high for a lot of keywords. How are you doing that?

And I am using the software and it is really good. Before it took hours to get backlinks and submit my site took hours. Now I do 50 submits per day in just half hour. It just takes half hour to do 50 submits. And it works. I use mostly the software to get one way links. And it is easy to use. I would recommend everyone doing SEO to try the software out.

Jack I have to say this is really a helping hand.

Mehmet Onatli

Jack Sarlo
Jack Sarlo
Link Builder Expert

P.S. Most websites doing link exchanges that this software finds auto approve your submission, here's screenshot:

Link exchange automatically approved

5 minutes after submission, the link exchange was approved automatically and I got my backlink on their website!

P.P.S. What others are saying about it...

"I Am Amazed By The Quickness And The Accuracy Of It's Work"

Before, I am not a big fan of marketing software to do SEO and I have a superb knowledge on how to do it fast. But when I got a copy of this software, it really changes everything.

When I started to put the software in action, I am amazed by the quickness and the accuracy of it's work. I got more than 50 backlinks in less than an hour from legitimate sites. It really performs well. By using web 2.0 sites for my campaigns, this software can make it sure that those high ranking pages can stay there for a long time thus giving me long-term income.


Anthony Browne
"The Very Best For Fast Linking And Ultimate Website Rankings"

First, I bought into the link exchange idea. However, just as you highlighted in your e-book and also experienced I spent hours scrolling and searching for links. Made numerous submissions, but received very few replies from webmasters. Wasted valuable time, my precious commodity.

Second, I discovered an easier and more productive method with OutRankSmart. Save time, preserve my dignity from beholding to others, place me in control of my own business affairs, get all the links I need with easy fast connection.

The techniques and time-saving tools found in OutRankSmart really work. The very best for fast linking and ultimate website ranking. It made business sense for me to get it right away!

Anthony Browne

Dimitry Testimonial
Great software! OutRankSmart took my main keyword and within a minute it gave me a list of high PR sites to get links from. From now it will be my main link builing helper.

Uncle Dimitry

David T. McKee
"Pays For Itself Almost Immediately"


OutRankSmart simply saves a ton of time when it comes to performing reciprocal links and link directory work. It finds the sites in my niches with the PR levels I want, it fills in the forms with my data, and it builds out my own directory structure ready to go live in my web-sites. Sure, I could do all this by hand – and it would take many times longer to do. OutRankSmart saves me the most valuable asset I have – even more valuable than money, and that is time!

I know you are continually improving this product and I can't wait to see what new features you will be putting in. For what you are charging it is a steal because it pays for itself almost immediately. Reciprocal Directory links are a highly overlooked traffic generating and PR/SEO raising method and you nailed it! Good Job!

David T. McKee,
North Carolina, US

"The Most Complete SEO Software..."

Hi Jack, Now I don't normally email anyone about their products, but after using your 'OutrankSmart' Software, I have real confidence your techniques will boost my website traffic!

This has to be the most complete SEO software offered to the Internet marketing community... I'm definitely recommending your material to all my subscribers!

Again, keep up the great work I am off to apply your techniques!

Ivan Correces

"Now I know how to get to the top for hundreds of keywords..."

This is a great software. I knew that this is the way to get links and get ranks. Again congrats on building a great software.

I have more than 240 top ten ranks in Google. I even have a page 3 rank for keyword "trademark" in Google with a 132 million competing websites. Most of the ranks are in No.1 position.

I have followed the same method that your software does in a tedious way to get to the top.

Now I know how to get to the top for hundreds of keywords or perhaps thousands of keywords and get regular traffic. Search engines currently send me 10000 monthly visitors and when I use your software effectively I'm sure I can get 100,000 visitors. And there is no spam and your software is certainly google friendly.

Ramaswami Natarajan
Ramaswami Natarajan

"All I Can Say Is Wow"

All I can say is Wow. Outranksmart is indeed "smart". It is a breeze to find high PR sites that you can submit your links to. The beauty of this software is, it does not have a lot of features like the other famous ones in the market. That is a compliment and not a negative remark because most of us get overwhelmed with all the overloaded features and we end up not using them.

Outranksmart delivers exactly what is needed to get a lot of backlinks and improve pagerank and it takes literally a few minutes to accomplish this. Great product Jack.


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